Hello classmates:

Since the course has been changed to online teaching, the online teaching website is as follows. Please enter this website during class time to take the class.

Video call link: https://meet.google.com/rvm-vmuy-yni


Besides that, please scan the speech report into a PDF file, and then name the file in the following format:

Seminar_Master 1A_Name­_Student ID

或是:  Seminar_Master 2A_Name­_Student ID

或是:  Seminar_PhD 1A_Name­_Student ID

或是:  Seminar_PhD 2A_Name­_Student ID


Then, upload the PDF file of the report to the following URL (Please use the Google Chrome browser to open the following link):


Master 1A:



Master 2A:



PhD 1A:



PhD 2A:




  • Upload deadline: Friday 16:00 PM


As soon as the upload deadline arrives, the upload folder will automatically filter out the later uploaded materials, and I will not be able to see the later uploaded materials!